Tarred and Feathered

Recently I was reminded of the punishment practice of tarring and feathering a person. It was used in feudal europe and its colonies.Though tar and feathering has seemed to die out for today's society, there have been some reported instances recently. In Belfast in August of 2007, a man was tar and feathered, and then tied to a lamppost, with a sign around his head, reading "I'm a drug-dealing scumbag."

My most recent painting explores this and I have decided to take a literal approach, incorporating tar and feathers as a medium in the piece. There is always a bit of a technical challenge when dealing with new materials, and this will be no different. I will post details as it progresses.

New Feathers ready to be added to the painting

New Feathers ready to be added to the painting

The subject of the painting was a victim of tarring and feathering. Here is a progress shot of the painting currently - pre-tarring and feathering .

Photo Apr 11, 11 57 00.jpg