"Retrospect" Exhibition Recap

I just wanted to give a quick run down on the "Retrospect" exhibition in Derry and thank everyone of you that came along to see it. I was overwhelmed by the support and how my work was received. We had an exceptional turn-out, with thousands of people coming through the doors.


Installation shot of "Displaced in conflict"

Installation shot of "Displaced in conflict"

There were lots of great stories and accounts of personal experiences that came out over the course of the exhibition. One of the most notable guests was a man name Billy Campbell. The image of his bloodied face during a riot in the late 60's, was a worldwide symbol of the conflict in N.Ireland and was an inspiration for my painting "Riot Act" - He by chance came in and told some great stories of that day ( I'll hopefully do a full post on the experience soon!)

Below is a taste of some exhibition shots. The elegance and history of the building really added to the exhibition and made for a truly special event. 

Also, I wanted to congratulate the organisers of the Lumiere Festival - it was an amazing event and had a great impact on my show also.

Thanks to all who came.