Exsibit.com - Experience art online

At the weekend I pitched exsibit.com at the Dublin Web startup weekend.


What is exsibit.com ?

For Art Lovers

 exsibit.com will be the place to discover art exhibitions that are happening around the world. We will provide art lovers the platform to discover art and experience art online like never before. We will translate the intimacy of a gallery experience online. exsibit.com will allow users to build up taste for what they like and can recommend upcoming exhibitions they may be interested in. exsibit.com will be the much needed online centre for the art world. Importantly exsibit.com is about discovering the art world in the present, it is a utility to understand the art world as it evolves.


For Galleries

Exsibit will give galleries the tools to create great online exhibtions. We will give galleries the ability to create and maintain engaging exhibitons online, something which at present would cost thousands of euro's  from a web design company. Not only does exsibit give gallery owners these innovative tools to use cheaply - it also joins them into a worldwide network where art lovers can discover their gallery.


For All

Imagine the enjoyment and excitement of gallery hoping through an artistic neighbourhood, finding galleries and discovering new artists. Now imagine the neighbourhood is worldwide. That is exsibit.com


Here is a link to an article on the DSW and also exsibit.com


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I hope you will be part of our vision.