Jack White school of business



I haven't been posting on here for a while, simply because I have been occupied with different projects - mainly Lokofoto.com. Inititally I intended this to be a journal of my own work, but the recent drive towards launching Lokfoto has occupied most of my creative efforts and I didnt really feel like posting html/css designs and code. Maybe I will in future. So, in short I may start psoting here not just my creative work (in their ever expanding mediums), but also interesting articles and snippets from art, design, technology, photography & entrepreneurship - all things that are on my mind. I'll try and arrange some tagging structure to categorise content.


Anyways...., here is an article I came across from Sean Blanda's blog. It is about Jack Whites take on creativity and business. Here are a few take aways from it.


Constraints produce creativity -


"The White Stripes have build a strong, but limited framework for their music and their business. Much like good business can boil down their messaging to a simple phrase1, creativity is best produced when faced with strict limitations. The White Stripes only have two members, limited color scheme and (for a while) only used analog equipment."


Your profession is not a cartoon


White talked abut his love of theatrics holding down his early business ambitions as an upholster. “I was an apprentice for years, but when I opened my own place, I just didn’t have that love for money that’s necessary to run a business. I was so into the cartooniness of it.”


Worth a read : http://seanblanda.com/blog/feature/the-jack-white-school-of-business/