Interactive Films ?

With the widespread growth of the internet and increasing speed of broadband will our future movie/film/tv experiences be experienced through the internet ? Well yes and - already a lot of people have been viewing media in this way for quite a while. Services like google tv , apple tv, Netflix are precursors in a major shift to Internet based film and video. Well is that an imporatant development in the future of moving image or simply an address change ?


This type of fusion opens up possibilities for more interaction with moving image. Imagine a possible hybrid of gaming and movies. What if we could control movies, choose what we see rotate camera angles, skip between charachters at different times. I have been developing a artistic/technology project around similar concepts and recently stumbled across these cool 360 degree interactive panaromic videos from a Vancouver based company. Will this be the way we can view movies even events in the near future. I'm betting yes.




Make sure to drag and rotate your mouse to explore the landscape.