Studio Wall - Idea Generation Centre

I often use my Studio Wall as a sort of sketchbook . Ideas are logged directly on the wall first and then expanded on later in a sketchbook. Often the wall itself begins to look interesting as an art piece itself. I have recently been researching and developing a project direction under the themes of conflict and contemporary cultures. In order to clarify my thinking and establish the direction I was searching for I reverted to an old design favourite - the "Spider Diagram" !

An ambition of mine is to have this as an interactive brainstorm wall, where every section is linked to articles, images, video etc with users capable of posting comments and links to yet unfound resources helping me out with avenues I may not have travelled down myself. My programming skills are not up to par at the minute for that so, I may be waiting a while (or maybe some kind hearted programming hero will help me out !)

 Anyways, click on the image to download a large image of the idea generation wall.