Conflict - Riots

I have started a new painting, again working on the theme of conflict. I'll be taking pictures as it progresses and posting them on here for anyone who is interested in seeing the development of a painting as well as the finished resolution ( I always am !)

In most of my Works, i generally use a 3 step process > Analog Sketches, Digital Sketches and Final Painting.

Analog utilising traditional means ; pen and paper - hand sketching etc. Digital being : a combination of computer programmes such as photoshop/3ds max etc to arrange a composition and compose elements of the piece. Then finally the painting itself. Usually with I start with acrylic, filling in the basic colours and defining proportions before moving onto oil to achieve the detail and a finished resolution.

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 I am currently about half way through now and will be posting more work in progress photos in the gallery as it develops.